Getting Involved

Setting Up
We'll need as much help as possible setting up the event and clearing up afterwards. We would sincerely welcome people arriving early and spending a few days filling goodie bags, putting up signs and decorations, building things, demolishing them and many many more fun jobs. We will provide camping and food and lay on a special Thursday night hash for all those that help us. Please let Cupcake know if and when you will be arriving via
An army of volunteers is needed for Registration as always so if you fancy the chance to say hello to almost everyone that afternoon then please let Cupcake know you want to help hand out the goodybags via
Taking Down
We'll need also need some help clearing up afterwards too. There will be free camping for those that stay to help clear up on Monday afternoon and Tuesday, and of course the remains of the booze to drink. Please let Cupcake know if you can stay via
Bar Staff
Our beermaster Rasher will need people to keep your glasses brimming, so, we need volunteer hashes to help out and a small team of experienced people to give Rasher a break from time to time, safe in the knowledge that someone's around who knows how to do more than just pour a pint. Please contact Rasher via
Hash Fayre/Bazaar
We will be having a Hash Fayre /bazaar to accompany the Hashland Games. This will comprise of several stalls/sideshows. If you or your hash can offer an entertaining pastime, or you merely want to flog some hash gear, then we need to hear from you. These events will be taking part on the field areas so you will need to bring your own tables etc. It is hoped to be able to offer (small!) 'prizes' as giveaways. If you would like to add something to this then please contact Windsock and Tops via
We are organising RAs for each bus/set of busses in advance. If you are an RA, or former RA and would like to help out please contact Windsock and Tops via
Ancient Briton/Barbarian/Roman Hordes
There will be various times when we could use small groups of Ancient Britons, Barbarians and even Romans. Honour guards, Crowd Control, (s)hit squads etc. If you and your gang would like to volunteer your services then please contact Windsock and Tops via