As part of the complete package being arranged for UK Nash Hash 2005, there will be various entertainments organised (and disorganised!). Since the Ancient Britons Hash is a small collective we will not be able to do all of this without your help in many areas. Some of the various areas where you can offer your assistance, to make this all happen in as fun a way as possible, are as follows:

Fancy Dress
Our Friday night trail theme is Blue, inspired by the woad worn by the Ancient Britons but you can interpret this however you want. Saturday night theme will be Ancient Britons. Quite what period you believe that to be we'll leave up to go: we are all here to have fun, not be history police! Start planning which outrageous outfit you will come in now.
The Hashland Games
We will be laying on a full set of games and amusements to keep you entertained on Saturday afternoon. As well as the usual games incorporating the old favourites (?) such as Wibbly Wobbly, Giant Sack Race, 5 legged race, and Chariot racing, we will be having an accompanying Hash Fayre /bazaar. This will comprise of several stalls/sideshows. It is hoped to be able to offer (small!) 'prizes' as giveaways. If you or your hash can offer an entertaining pastime, or you merely want to flog some hash gear, then we need to hear from you. If you would like to add something to this then please contact Windsock and Tops by email to . For more details see the 'Getting Involved' page.
The Cabaret
Time for you to entertain yourselves, with the traditional showcase of the weird and wonderful things you believe will entertain each other and for the record any mention of traffic lights is banned but if those lads want to flash their arses again see the Cabaret page for further details
The Down Down Competion
Not spent enough time watching people downing pints yet? Then come and challenge Too Tuf, lets see if he can live up to his Down Down Champion of the World title.
We are organising RAs for each bus/set of busses in advance. If you are an RA, or former RA and would like to help out please contact Windsock and Tops via
Ancient Briton/Barbarian/Roman Hordes
There will be various times when we could use small groups of Ancient Britons, Barbarians and even Romans. Honour guards, Crowd Control, (s)hit squads etc. If you and your gang would like to volunteer your services then please contact Windsock and Tops via